Providing counseling with empathy .... concern ... professionalism ... nurturance ... understanding ....So clients can grow ... heal .... adjust to life changes ...  move on ... feel better .....



In addition, if you have difficulty coming into the office for your therapy sessions, in some cases I provide Telementalhealth sessions, a HIPPA approved website where we can have real time face-to-face sessions from my office to the comfort of your own home.  It's like  SKYPE and FACETIME, but on a secured HIPPA approved website.  I will explain it to you further when you call.  


Seeking therapy can be a difficult step to take, but it is the first step in healing and moving on through life stressors when you feel you "just can't do it alone anymore."   I have been providing counseling for over fifteen years to people just like you who are journeying through difficult times as a result of stressors negatively impacting their lives such as relationship issues, divorce, family conflict, depression, anxiety, loss or other concerns that make navigating through life an overwhelming challenge.

My goal is to create a relaxing and peaceful environment so that you can explore your struggles and challenges with a trained professional in a calm, nurturing and non-judgmental atmosphere.


Bernadette Coletta, LICSW

                                                                                                                            C  O  U  N  S  E  L  I  N  G


If you feel you need to seek therapy, you may call me for a free telephone consultation to see if we are a "good fit" and can work together to help you sort out your concerns.

My office is conveniently located approximately 1/3 mile South of the airport in Airport Professional Park.  Evening appointments are available.